Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pond Part One

    This past weekend we set to work on finishing our pond. I went out and finally spent the dough to buy a liner from a local business. In return they gave us a 20x20 liner for the price of a 20x19. I'm hoping we'll have enough big excess pieces to cover the Pallet Shed roof, but after laying it out, I don't think we will. The bf had a friend over to help us lay the liner and move a really big rock to our center island. We laid the liner and set the waterfall at the back corner, but it was all wrinkly at one end. I finally convinced the boys to fix this while I held the waterfall out of the way. They held the liner up to keep the wrinkles out and I had the task of fitting the waterfall back in place. Well, I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't settle onto its little shelf.
    I should mention at this point that the waterfall is stationed amongst our bamboo. It's the jungley-tropical part of our pond design. Well, as I think I have mentioned in previous post(s), we cut a large portion of bamboo down one year. The old shoots are about 2 - 3 feet tall. I think you all know where I'm going with this. Wouldn't it just be my luck that we were starting to force a bamboo sized hole through my very expensive new pond liner. I noticed the faux pas while the bamboo was still stretching the plastic, so we're not sure if I managed to put a microscopic leak in it or not. If I'm lucky it may even be above the water line. I certainly hope so, because we most definitely have enough excess liner on the other side of the pond to slide everything over a foot or two therefore raising the potential hole above the waterline, but to do this we would have to drain the now almost full pond, and move that big rock again. Oh and that's not all my friends! I managed to make a duplicate impression on the other side of the waterfall as well. Though I caught that one before it started to turn the plastic from black to gray. Needless to say, moving of the liner will solve both leakage issues, if indeed they do leak.
    At the moment, I'm sticking my head in the sand about the potential leakage problem. Right now I'm wishing for rain. Rain rain and more rain. We have three 55 gallon rain barrels around our house and emptied all three into the pond without making barely a dent. So I left the tap open on the hose from our backyard barrel which collects the rain off of the back half of our roof. Chance of rain for current day: 80%. Chance of rain for the next day: 100%. Chance of rain over our house for a day and a half: 0%. I swear we live in a bubble and it's keeping out all the rain. I talk to my friend in another part of the metro area. She tells me it's raining. I watch the news on the other side of town. Lots of rain falling on the newscaster. I open my back door and look outside...dry as a bone. We did end up having a nice downpour yesterday, but alas, our pond is still not full. I won't use water from the tap. Too wastefull and too spendy. So I sit and wait for rain. It's a big pond. This may take a while...

Looked smaller when it was just dirt.
Starting the looooong task of filling.
Almost Full

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