Monday, March 21, 2011

Straw Bale Garden

First bee of the season. She's hard at work on my crocuses!

    I'm exhausted tonight, so this post will be brief. Today I spent 3 hours checking out the seeds at Home Depot and Fred Meyers before finally committing to a few flowers for the window boxes, and some veggies that I should be able to start while it's still cold out. This weekend was also the weekend that I had planned to buy my new camera, but everyone is sold out of the model I want, so I had to order it online. Hopefully I will have it in a week. That doesn't help me with today's post, though. I didn't get started setting up the beds and planting until about 6.30 this evening so it was dark by the time everything was planted. My phone takes pretty good pictures, but I doubt I'd get much in the dark. I will add pictures to this post tomorrow.
    I also painted the bee hive this evening. I painted that inside in the basement since it's cold and rainy outside, so I could take pictures of that with the phone, but as I stated when I started this entry: I'm exhausted. Once again, I will be adding those pictures tomorrow.

Bee Hive on the day I bought it. Sans paint.

    Well, it is now tomorrow (if that makes sense) and as promised I have the flower beds and garden pictures. I haven't taken any of the hive, 'cause I decided I wanted to paint my flowers on it before I took the pic. So, those are yet to come.

    I wanted to plant my new strawberries and my peas in hanging baskets, but I still need to purchase the burlap and some extra baskets for those. I'll plant those this weekend along with painting the flowers on the beehive.

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