Monday, March 26, 2012

Planting Season

  Today is a beautiful and busy day. Especially after my long winter hibernation. The sun has been out all day! In the sun, it feels as if the temp is in the 60's, but it's really only high 50's. The fruit trees are in their various stages of flowering or budding. My willow tree has new baby leaves. The strawberry pants are waking up and coming back to life. Even my berry vines are showing signs of spring!
Willow tree
Bing Cherry
Rainier Cherry Tree


     This morning the boyfriend and I went to the local dirt dealer to pick up a yard of garden soil, and because they had some pallets in the way of the medium grade soil we wanted, we got the upgraded soil for the lower price. We have three raised beds plus our living roof, but I only had enough to fill two beds halfway. It's a good start! And I have enough left over to get some starts done.

    On a sadder note, I'm not sure my honey bees are gonna make it. I cleaned up the frames from their second brood box. I took the plastic foundation out of the really gross frames and set them up foundation versus foundationless every other frame, and collected some propolis off them before putting them back in the box. My hope is to have them build on their own wax and end up with a completely foundationless hive. I got into the hive today and put the second brood box back on top to give them some room, but they don't seem to need the room at the moment. I was shocked to see they were only covering one frame, maybe two. I have a feeling the queen died over the winter. I should have pried some frames out to see if there were any brood, or better yet, to try and find the queen, but since they became aggressive at the end of last season, my fear levels have risen. They didn't seem too aggressive today, but my caution levels are up. If we have nice weather next weekend I'll have the boyfriend help me take a better look. On the good side, they were out and flying today and bringing in some good pollen.

     Now to set up my string outline for doing square foot gardening in the raised beds and to get my starts started and my day will be complete. Then it's off for a well deserved dinner with friends!

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