Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring is Here...Almost

View from the spare room. Window needs cleaned!
     Spring is here...or at the very least it's on it's way in. We had our typical false start a few weeks ago. I even caught the bees flying on a particularly warm and sunny day. I was all set to start planting some kale and cabbage seeds on the living roof this weekend. Then it snowed and hailed, and I thought I'd put it off for another week or two. I'm pretty stoked though, as my perennial herbs that I planted late in the season last year have lived through the winter and are currently thriving on the roof. Considering my numerous failed attempts at gardening over the past three years, this is quite the accomplishment for me!
     We finally finished the roof over the new deck this winter. I took the picture today which was the inspiration for this post. I haven't done much in the way of home renovations over the past few months. I think the only thing I did, other than the roof, was add on to the walls of the raised garden beds. One more level to go and they will be to my desired height.

View out the kitchen door. Deck roof is finally done. Look at all those plants on the living roof! And those potted herbs that over-wintered! Catnip, thyme, parsley, and out of the shot: chives.
The bike has been removed and the hive box put back on the hive since this photo.

     Plans for the next four to six weeks:
  • Plant my cabbage and other leafy vegetables on the living roof.
  • Plant the peas in the hanging baskets in the garden
  • Obtain and plant Sweet Alyssum around the cherry trees
  • Get a yard of garden dirt in from the local composting place around the corner and start loading up the raised beds with it
  • Get some planters/buckets ready for my hanging tomato plants

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